When putting your house on the market, follow these tips for smoother sailing:

1.  List any updates you have done to the home.  This may increase its value!

2.  Look at your listing online and be sure it is represented well with photos, detailed description and correct price.

3.  Curb appeal.  How does your home look when you pull into your driveway?  First impressions to a perspective buyer are very important and they can see whether the home has been well taken care of.  

4.  Be meticulous when cleaning and clear the clutter.  Spend the time and energy to do a deep clean on your home.  It will make a huge difference. It is our experience that potential buyers LOVE clean homes!

5.  Make sure your agent knows what items will be staying with you.  These might include window treatments, a hanging pot rack, chandelier or something of sentimental value to you.

Finally, take a step back and look at your home.  Ask yourself, would I want to purchase this home?  Would I be comfortable living here?

Selling a home is lot of work!!!  We hope these helpful tips will make it easier for you!